Free Awesome New Cutting Class EP To Download!

Did you read that right? An entire EP from one of the UK’s best bands around available to download for free, right here? Oh yes. You read it right. So if you like, well, ‘music’ of any kind, you owe it to yourself to click below and launch yourself headlong into the world of Cutting Class; assuming, of course, you haven’t already. Go on! Believe me, you’ll regret letting this one pass you by. CC are so good they make every other band look like that lawyer in ‘Jurassic Park’ who gets munched by their Tyrannosaurus Rex of brilliance.

cutting class


They’re from Leeds and play the kind of super-awesome old-school hardcore that made Kid Dynamite such legends, but with even more of a thudding sense of euphoric gang-vocal melodiousness that makes you feel like you’re standing on the top of a mountain on a windy day when you listen to them. They’re all about positivity (in a non-hideously cheesy way) and kicking life’s pasty arse by way of human pyramids and, y’know, fists being pumped like pistons.

Excited yet? No? There’s a simple multiple choice as to whether or not you should download these songs: Do you think Glasvegas are an important band a) Yes b) No?

If you answered a), then you simply must download the EP because it’ll blow your lily-livered brain apart and teach you what real passion and energy is.

If you answered b), then you simply must download the EP because, well, you’re already on the path to enlightenment (seriously! Glasvegas are shit!) and this’ll help push you over the edge into a whole new realm of pleasure.




Here are the first two tracks on the EP – we’ll be uploading the second two tomorrow, so make sure you don’t miss it.

Download Cutting ClassCut The Chord here
Download Cutting ClassTrue ‘Til Death here

Click here to download the rest of the EP


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