Free Calvinball MP3

As part of our semi-ongoing Fest preparation, we’ve got a free track from Calvinball, one of the UK bands popping across the Atlantic to rock some Floridian faces off in among the shows from the likes of Snuff (who just got announced!) and A Wilhelm Scream (who are possibly the best live band ever ever ever). For a slice of the ‘ball’s aceness, check out these 17 seconds of house show goodness.

Isn’t shouting brilliant?

They’ve got an enchanting mix of youthful positivity and punk rock optimism mixed in with a hefty dose of what they’d see as reality, but Calvinball haven’t yet managed to translate that into a wider fanbase. Their upcoming tour with Apologies, I Have None should go some way to rectifying that grievous harm but what if they go down incredibly at Fest? What if the US becomes their primary stomping ground, and they’re away for months at a time bringing the rock across the globe, pausing only to return home for a change of pants and maybe a bit of rain?

This COULD happen, people. Do not forsake them: go see them NOW. They’re on tour NOW (in fact, tonight in London, tomorrow in Leamington…). Safe? Safe.

Download Calvinball‘s ‘No Matter How Hard You Try’ here.