Free Exclusive Broadway Calls MP3

Just as that Egg advert once clearly depicted, for every dumb action made somewhere in the world, a very clever one is made elsewhere. Hence, continuously maintaining the balance of ‘cleverness’.

In this case, the sheer stupidity of Green Day releasing ’21st Century Breakdown’ has been successfully (and frivolously) cancelled out by the release of Broadway Calls’bubblegum-rocked ‘Good Views, Bad News’. For proof, check out the NFT-exclusive track at the bottom of this blog.

Somewhat an ironic statement, seeming as Billie-Joe Armstrong’s label has released previous material of theirs.

Unashamedly ‘pop punk’, sure, but miles away from the mush of monotony of This Week’s MySpace Hit (All Time Low, (We The Kings…?), Broadway Calls remind you why you fell in love with Green Day in the first place. Mid-paced, but not irritatingly so, BC’s second full-length throws light on that uncosmeticised energy, charmed through an almost elusive anthemic simplicity and a severe lack of Pro Tools trigger-happy undue effects.

Produced by legendary Descendents drummer Bill Stevenson (see LTJ’s ’Borders And Boundaries’ and A Wilhelm Scream’s ’Mute Print’), it’s polished to reflection. Where in some cases this layer of gloss would do nothing but distort the personality and integrity of the music, the back-to-basics, ‘only-use-what-we-need-to’ approach of Broadway Calls uses it to an advantage in the construction of the feverously solid structure of ‘Good Views, Bad News’.

As they say – you can’t polish a shit.

This smooth edge and the untypically pop punk sombre lyrics show a more mature Broadway Calls, placing them above the ‘Small Town Chancers’ status, giving the v-necked fronted three piece a strong sense of substance. Which, ultimately, provides a long-term attractiveness that you won’t outgrow anytime soon.

Though possibly initially greeted with a shoulder-shrug at a first impression from many, trackback to 2006’s ‘Call The Medics…’ EP and a split seven-inch with Teenage Bottlerocket, and that well-trod path of urgency as walked by the likes of Blink 182 ‘Dude Ranch’), Alkaline Trio (‘Goddamnit!’) and a young Green Day is undeniably apparent.

Download Broadway Calls‘ ‘The Call Out’ here.