Free Exclusive New Sonic Boom Six MP3s

So, who gets your vote for best band in the UK? I know who I’m going for…


Manchester’s Sonic Boom Six haven’t just been one of the most consistently exciting and challenging bands to have come from these shores over the last five years, they’ve been leading lights of the UK scene. And these exclusive MP3s at the bottom of this post should prove it.

Back in the day there used to be this weird glass ceiling on homegrown DIY bands (and I’m not talking independent-in-the-sense-that-their-first-seven-inch-was-released-on-an-indie-but-they’d-already-been-groomed-by-Columbia, this is the real thing right here) for whatever reason, but SB6 shattered that a while ago. And then some.

Their new album ‘City Of Thieves’ is about to change some lives on its release – the only question is how many. SB6 are a glorious mix of all those influences you hear bleeding out of stereos at carnivals and festivals, of the native sounds blaring from cars speeding round council estates as well as the noise angry young people make with guitars because they love the world and can’t stand to see it fucked up by so many bastards. It’s going to sound like empty hype, but to say they’re continuing the lineage of The Clash is accurate; their sound is a true picture of Britain today – punk, ska, dub, hip-hop, drum’n’bass, hardcore, rave and rap all have equal say in SB6’s musical democracy.

Oh, and live they make people so excited they run around in circles for an hour every night.

Here are two exclusive tunes to download. ‘The Concrete We’re Trapped Within (It’s Yours)’ was up for streaming on their MySpace page a while ago but you can own it right here. Plus, as a special treat Ben Boom has done a remix of it just for you guys – you won’t hear this anywhere else in the world right now, so get downloading.

[EDIT – tracks have been removed because they’re going to be released as singles. If youre reading this, you’re too late! Sorry – Ben]


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