Free Holy State MP3

Here’s the thing. In today’s music scene – not just the punk rock world – there’s this weird relentless quest for The New. Now, while that undoubtedly results in some truly wonderful, exciting and downright glorious music (oh, and shite like Crystal Cocking Castles) there’s certainly something to be said for fixing ones gaze on the past and, well, rocking the living hell out. With that in mind, let’s all say hello to – and grab a free song from – Holy State.

holy state


With a low-end dirt-fuzz-punk battery along the same lines as Drive Like Jehu and, most notably, Hot Snakes, this achingly good Leeds quartet have made the ineffable Holy Roar their home. And if you don’t know who Holy Roar are then boy, are you in for a treat.

They’re pretty young (with an average age of about 12 or something similar) but that means they haven’t got that cynical ‘we’re a hardcore band because we fucking detest every other band that isn’t Converge’ murderous glint in their collective eyes. And they’ve played relatively few gigs – I saw them almost (almost!) blow Throats off the stage at the Old Blue Last in London, and that’s no mean feat for, well any band old or new. There’s this grinding intensity to their music that sounds quite interesting simply because no one’s really done the whole dirtpunk revival quite yet. Download ‘Solid State Messiah’ below and you’ll see what I mean.

So what d’you guys reckon? Is forward-thinking music always ‘better’ than stuff that’s decidedly retro-y? Or is it impossible to move on without knowing your history? And, more importantly, what other bands do you want me to get you free music from?

Download Holy State‘s Solid State Messiah here