Free Insane Shred-Punk MP3 – This Is A Standoff

Here at NFTU, it’s Mr Ben Patashnik who is the sucker for something incomprehensibly fast and riff-mongously technical, which is why I’m genuinely flabbergasted as to why Canada’s insanely tech-y This Is A Standoff take my fancy so much. Maybe it’s just the Dickies shorts and the pulled-up white socks… check out the ‘Breakfast Club’-esque video for ‘You Won’t Pass’.

Containing ex-Belvedere members, TIAS dissect 5-part harmonies, shred-zilla riffs and crazy time signatures with such ease that, at times, leaves you thinking ‘did they seriously just do that?’ Well rewind and play it again (obviously you’re playing it on a CD player), ‘cause yes they did.

You may have the seen the stupendously fast Belvedere absolutely kill it across our shores a few years back. If you had a hunger for that, then here’s a crunchier, heavier and all-round tighter three course meal that does not – repeat: does not – leave you dissatisfied.

It would be a bit of a cop out to tag TIAS simply as ‘skate-punk’ of some variety; they surge past that stereotype with eye-widening moments that would fit better at the metal end of the spectrum. Now, make no mistake – I really do hate metal. But I can’t help but shed respect for somebody who can wield a guitar in such a way.

Like it heavy and technical? You’ll love TIAS.

And in case you missed our report on Groezrock Festival ‘09, here’s an interview with frontman Steve Rawles.

Tell us what you reckon of it. And while you’re at it, tell us who you want to see on these pages. We do take notice of what your write below this, you know.


Download This Is A Standoff‘s ‘The Light Is Still On In Broadmoor’ here.