Free Pissed Jeans Live MP3

Pissed Jeans are one of those bands who somehow manage to live up to the rank nastiness of their name. Sloppy, messy and thoroughly anti-social, they’re like a doom-punk sludgefest of noise that laps around your ankles and threatens to drag you southwards into the mire…

…despite them looking like such nice chaps. What’s more, we’ve got a nice rare live track for you to download below.

‘Secret Admirer’s a tune taken from the live album that comes with their ferocious newie ‘King Of Jeans’ when you buy it from the Sub Pop website. The album’s seriously good, when I put it on in the NME office it sounded like a gang of drunk tramps shouting at pigeons, all set to the gnarliest thudding soundtrack it’s possible for four Pennsylvania dudes to make.

So download this, buy the album, rock OUT.

Download Pissed Jeans‘ ‘Secret Admirer’ here.