Fresh Meat’s Emotional Finale Was Painfully Real – The Internet Reacts

The painful awkwardness of results-day upsets; the awful competitiveness of post-uni plans; the prospect of moving down to Colliers Wood on an unpaid internship; the massive blow-out party to end all blow-out parties; sitting somewhere verdant afterwards looking at the city you’re about to leave – Fresh Meat’s season four finale and final sendoff tied its various plot strings up with intermittently keen-eyed and misty-eyed observations on the end-of-uni experience. Unsurprisingly, the internet reaction was full of melancholic reflections on what it’s like to leave education and enter the real world of jobs and actual weekends…

It contained some real surprises that weren’t really surprises:


It was too real:

Particularly for those still in education:


Fictional degree results can make you feel proud, it turns out:

People felt sad for Josie, who still had another year of uni left:

Even try-hard, annoying, awkward Kingsley got some love after accepting an unpaid internship at an internet radio station:

And JP, who had been a pantomime figure for most of it, and then mixed things up by going to work for Foxtons:

Meanwhile, Howard joined Ordnance Survey, following the revelation that his parents lived a few doors down…

And Vod & Oregon went travelling in Laos after Oregon got a 2:2:

The send-off was particularly emotional for the show’s cast:

Some people didn’t ever want it to end:

It’s not all over, though – catch a final, deleted scene over here: