Freshers’ Week 2017: the best advice from Loyle Carner, The Big Moon, Glass Animals, Alt-J, J Hus & more

Always hide your weed, say Glass Animals

If you’ve got Freshers’ Week nerves, don’t worry: last week we asked a load of Mercury Prize-shortlisted artists for some pointers for the first week of uni, and they’ve come up with some pearls of wisdom that you can watch in the video above.

“Enjoy your first year,” Loyle Carner tells us straight up, “cos it’s the easiest one. Drink a lot of beer, fall in love if you can, and don’t go with a girlfriend or a boyfriend, cos it’s not worth it.” Harsh but fair.

Alt-J say you should keep your options open when it comes to mates. “Don’t think the people you meet in the first week are going to be your best friends for the rest of uni,” says Gus. “Sometimes they are, like [my bandmates] but sometimes they’re not…”


When it comes to booze, Dinosaur insist water is your friend. The Big Moon say calm is key: “Don’t panic,” they say, “it’s totally fine.” J Hus, meanwhile, is all about chasing your goals: “Don’t stop, keep going. No time for any sleep.”

Glass Animals have a litany of advice, though weed security seems top of the list. “Don’t leave your weed out on the desk when you go to lectures,” Dave says, “cos the maintenance guy will come and he’ll have that. It’s really annoying.”

Let’s end, though, with Kate Tempest‘s inspiring advice, which could really apply to your whole degree: “Don’t be afraid to be interested in what you’re interested in,” she says. “If there’s a culture in the classroom of everyone being too cool, and they just want to talk about their hangover and their haircut, but you’re actually interested in what you’re trying to learn, don’t let that intimidate you. It’s extremely exciting, this idea that you can just suddenly spend three years feeding your brain.”

Best of luck, Freshers. And like Loyle Carner says, enjoy.