Is Friday The 13th: The Game the most brutal video game ever?

Spikes through the face, heads being stamped into open fires, machete dismemberment aplenty - is the Friday The 13th video game the most gruesome video game yet?

For some, gaming is about killing a few hours flicking Pokeballs at weird shit they find in their local Nando’s. For others it’s a gladiatorial battle of wits, skill and one-upmanship against their fellow Level 4976 Grand Mages. For others, however, it’s all about the guts; those gamers who don’t feel they’ve really died in a game unless their pixelated pancreas is splattered halfway across the playing area.

For the last, Manhunt, Dead Space, The Evil Within and Gods Of War have a new rival for the most brutal, bloody and morally deficient game in the zombieverse. The latest trailer for Friday 13th: The Game, released on May 26 on PS4, Xbox One and Steam, is a gorehound’s delight, full of scenes of famed slaughterer of camping teenagers Jason Voorhees slaughtering teenagers at Camp Crystal Lake in all manner of grotesque and (literally) eye-popping ways. Spike through the face? Oops, sorry madam. Head stamped into an open fire? Clumsy! Brains pulled messily out of your nostrils? My bad…

And it really is the player’s fault. In the multi-player game – the single player campaign is due later in the year – you can choose to be one of up to eight camp counsellors hoping to avoid a fate on the sticky end of Jason’s machete. Or you can play Jason himself – motion captured by Kane Hodder, who played Jason in numerous Friday The 13th films – hunting down the snivelling slash-fodder like a supernatural, psychopathic man-truck. The gameplay videos so far suggest a fairly straightforward hunt-em-down with a smattering of intriguing options for the counsellors trying to escape Jason or the camp – laying bear-traps, hiding under beds, hijacking cars and trying out all sorts of inventive distraction techniques – but the game will undoubtedly make its mark for its impressive innard count. Frankly, if you go to check out a strange noise at any point in this game, you’ve only got yourself to blame.