Friendly Fires: Savidge New Beats

Jack Savidge on the freshest new sounds rattling his cranium

Hello! Everybody ready? Then I’ll begin my first Radar column. Producer/percussionist Mo Kolours’ new EP ‘Drum Talking’ is inspired by the freestyle drums and vocalising of Mauritian séga music. Sometimes blunted and dubby like Linval Thompson, sometimes syrupy and tough like J Dilla, it’s a representation of Mo’s Mauritian and British heritage. His meandering vocals through the delicate, skippy percussion make for a beautifully intimate listen.


Fans of Caribou’s recent remix of Virgo Four should check out a guy called Tim Toh, who’s just delivered the song title of the year in ‘Sexual Campfire’. Anyone expecting a Barry White-esque ode to Scout camp transgression will be disappointed; the track’s a soul-house slow-dance that lurches along like Maurice Fulton and Moodymann staggering through a peat bog. Rhodes pianos trip over each other, phasing hypnotically, and there’s a lackadaisical lightness to the production that, against so much hyper-compressed dance music, sounds pleasantly human.

Hackman’s recent 12-inch on the Greco-Roman label has been on heavy rotation round these parts since mid-summer. ‘Close’ takes garage’s rhythmic bump’n’flex and adds oriental synths and a yearning, androgynous diva vocal (a quick Google of the lyrics tells me that it’s Alicia Keys pitched down to a transgendered moan). ‘Your Face Pulling My Hair’ is just as good on the B-side, and a remix of Crystal Fighters has kept his stock rising.

Dutch garage/dubstep producer Presk has a new EP entitled ‘Love Again’ on Doc Daneeka’s Ten Thousand Yen label. ‘Devour’ elaborates on the funky-but-austere, Berlin-meets-Croydon vibe he nailed on ‘Mold’, and currently you can’t turn on Rinse without hearing this getting rewound. And finally, Patten’s hypnotic ‘Blush Mosaic’ and its flickering, glow-fi video are a teaser for his album at the end of September. Perfect accompaniment for the lengthening shadows of early autumn…

Jack’s Top 5


Mo Kolours – ‘Drum Talking’ EP

Tim Toh – ‘Sexual Campfire’

Hackman – ‘Close’

Presk -‘Devour’

Patten – ‘Blush Mosaic’

This article originally appeared in the September 17th issue of NME

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