From Brixton To Berlin – Pictures Of David Bowie Tributes Across The World

Fans have been paying tribute to the late David Bowie at venues, locations and places significant to the visionary artist across the world.

Following the sad announcement of Bowie’s death at the age of 69, floral tributes have been springing up on the streets of London, Berlin, New York and Los Angeles. Below is just a glimpse at the touching tributes paid to a master of modern music and style from suburban South London.

David Bowie’s Hollywood Walk Of Fame star, Los Angeles


The Three Tuns pub in Beckenham, where David Bowie developed his Ziggy Stardust character, London

The Beckenham bandstand where Bowie played in 1969, London

Hansa Studios, where Bowie recorded 1977’s ‘Low’, Berlin


23 Heddon Street, where the artwork for 1972’s ‘Ziggy Stardust…’ album was shot, London

The 2013 David Bowie mural on the side of Morley’s department store in Brixton, London

We went down the mural today and talked to fans about what Bowie meant to them.

Watch fans talk about what David Bowie meant to them in the video below shot at the Bowie mural in his hometown of Brixton.,AAAAABumiUU~,CmZu1qzq0Nydx8DqfQUoDJv2_kpwyWWq&bctid=4698760404001

David Bowie’s longtime residence, New York

The news that Bowie lost an 18-month battle with cancer was announced this morning (January 11) with his son, film director Duncan Jones, among the first to shares his message of love for his late father.

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Bowie was born in Brixton and lived on nearby Stansfield Road as a child. He later moved to Beckenham, south east of London, at the age of six. Brixton’s Ritzy cinema is also carrying a tribute to the late musician today, with “Our Brixton boy. RIP” written on their readograph, while Brixton Academy opted for “forever our hero”.

The Evening Standard reports that the Stanfield Road house had boards in the windows this morning and there was no response at the door.

David Bowie released his first studio album in 1969, having changed his name from David Jones the year before. His early records included ‘Space Oddity’ and 1971’s ‘Hunky Dory’.

In 1972 Bowie reinvented himself and released ‘The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars’ which features the singles ‘Ziggy Stardust’ and ‘Suffragette City’.

His hits include ‘Let’s Dance’, ‘Space Oddity’, ‘Heroes’, ‘Under Pressure’, ‘Rebel, Rebel’, ‘Life on Mars’ and ‘Changes’.

Bowie has released two albums in the past decade. New album ‘Blackstar’ and 2013’s ‘The Next Day’. His last live performance was at a New York charity concert in 2006.