From Heroes, ‘Zero’ – Yeah Yeah Yeahs Go Disco

After a string of faintly underwhelming comebacks recently – Franz, The View etc – it’s heartening to look ahead and see a few genuinely exciting albums on the horizon.

Forthcoming albums from Doves and Bat For Lashes are both genuinely worth their epic gestation periods – and to that list we can add ‘It’s Blitz!’, the upcoming third full-length album from Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

It’s quite a departure, in that Zinner’s trademark molten guitar sound (guitar of any kind, in fact) is absent from all but two tracks, replaced instead by colossal, Blondie-strength hooks and pulsing, Giorgio Moroder synths.

The first single, ‘Zero’, is simply astonishing, a euphoric, glassy-eyed disco onslaught that, with Karen O’s fetishistic plea to “get your leather on”, is destined to soundtrack a thousand sweaty 3am couplings on indie-club dancefloors. Check it out.

The album’s second track, ‘Heads Will Roll’, which leaked online this week, is equally transcendent, and shares with ‘Zero’ the same zingy, iridescent production, like polished chrome. There’s something sleek and mechanical about the band’s new sound, but also a sense of warmth and, thanks to Karen O’s verge-of-a-mental-breakdown howl, boundless humanity too.

‘It’s Blitz!’ is out on April 13.