From Ryan Adams To Radiohead: The Best Oasis Cover Versions

Last week, Ryan Adams covered Oasis at a Pittsburgh show. He’s done it before, and he’ll do it again, but this particular instance was special in that the Chief himself was in attendance. Yup, Noel – first of the Brothers Gallagher – filled the support slot (yeah, support) on the night. So Adams took the opportunity to bash out covers of ‘Morning Glory’ and ‘Supersonic’. He nailed both, as you can see below:


In celebration of the great moment, we’ve scoured the Internet to put together this list of the 10 greatest covers of Oasis songs. It’s an eclectic mix, with the likes of Radiohead and Weezer sitting proudly alongside Maroon 5 and Lily Allen. Enjoy.

Radiohead – Wonderwall
Recorded as a joke in the late ‘90s, Thom Yorke took a stab at the classic track. Forgetting the words and blagging his way through it, the closing commentary says it all: “Is this abysmal or what? It’s always good to make fun of Oasis. They don’t mind it.”

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – She’s Electric
Who needs to hear the Gallaghers when there’s a jazzy orchestral arrangement of their music? In fact, there are twelve of them on ‘The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Plays the Music of Oasis’. Oasis with a bit of class.

MGMT – Live Forever
After Oasis cancelled their V Festival appearance due to illness in August 2009, MGMT decided to grace their fans with a cover of ‘Live Forever’, complete with a cardboard cut-out of Liam on stage.

Maroon 5 – Don’t Look Back In Anger
They might be cheesy all-American pop-rockers, but this cover by Adam Levine and co – recorded for BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge in 2004 — is surprisingly sweet.


Coldplay – Songbird
Colplay covering Oasis: it was bound to happen. Recorded at NYC’s Bowery Ballroom in 2002, apparently Noel was in the crowd at the time.

Leona Lewis – Stop Crying Your Heart Out
On her second album ‘Echo’, X Factor winner Leona Lewis included a cover of this Oasis track, which she also sang on the talent show’s Series Six finale.

Lily Allen – I’m Outta Time
Lily took a stab at covering Oasis on BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge in early December, when she also officially announced that she was taking a break from writing music and touring.

Keane – Cast No Shadow
Another 2009 V Festival Oasis cover, Keane gave it a go, despite being called “shit” and “twats” by Noel in 2008. Well, the audience still seems to like it.

Ben Folds Five – Champagne Supernova
A live cover of the, as Ben Folds describes it, “old American standard”, the song was released as a B-side to their single ‘Battle Of Who Could Care Less’. Leave it to Ben Folds to turn Oasis country.

Weezer – Morning Glory
Live from Camden, NJ (USA), Weezer performed this cover in September 2008 – while wearing matching red tracksuits, oddly.