From Star Wars To Slayer: Five Of The Best Homes With Musical Christmas Light Shows

There are many niche scenes bubbling away in the undergarments of the internet. The annual ‘smother your house with Christmas lights and programme a giant light display in time with music’ is no different.

Competition is rife. Feuds are inevitable. Rumours of sabotage, secrecy and death by fairy lights pepper the forums. Sure, the electricity bill might be so big that there’s no money left for presents, but hey, who needs a stocking full of Top Trumps when you’ve got a massive flashing house?

Last week, YouTube user slayerbob returned. Continuing his reign of terror, he decided 2015 was the year his kid’s bedroom window would flicker on and off all night long in time to Slipknot’s ‘Psychosocial’. Festive.

With plans in the NME office currently underway for a synchronised light display in time to the Pope’s new album, we take a look at five of the best / most ridiculous musical houses ever.

While everyone else was giving in to their whining six year old and programming the front door to flash in time to Disney’s Frozen, Matt Johnson was cranking up the bass and promising his kids they could get involved in Daddy’s Special Christmas Project “later.” Fair enough. This house is insane. Rumour has it Skrillex has just moved in.

The Star Wars theme tune is as epic as it gets. Just turning your landing light on and off in time to the intro would probably entertain your average house guest. But Tom BetGeorge went a step further. 12,500 channels running around 100,000 lights further, to be precise.

Despite the fact that this is clearly the worst possible song choice for, well, anything, the ingenuity behind the lip syncing light up faces is undeniable. Even if watching it does kind of feel like an entire house is coming on to you.

We’re not saying we have a favourite member of the Christmas light display crew, we’re just saying we can’t get enough of Slayer Bob. True to his namesake, he once rigged his house up to ‘South Of Heaven’ by Slayer. “NOT 100% HAPPY,” he wrote on YouTube. “HAD SOME OTHER IDEAS BUT IT WAS JUST TOO MUCH.” Oh, SB. Believe in your dreams!

Before you just saunter on into the scene with a bunch of LEDs and some big ideas, you need to make sure you’re down with it’s history. The password on the big flashing door is probably Carson Williams. The Ohio based electrical engineer who started the whole craze when his 2005 display to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s ‘Wizards In Winter’ went viral, eventually being used as their official video.