The funniest reactions to Harry Styles’ ‘Sign Of The Times’ video

The former 1D star's first video is causing quite the stir online

As with anything Harry Styles does, the internet has gone into overdrive since the release of the ‘Sign Of The Times’ video this morning (May 8). Finally, we can see what those creepy stunt doubles turned into via the magic of computer wizardry. Here’s the funniest reactions to the video we’ve seen.

He’s being compared to everyone from superheroes…

Why not with those strong mid-air poses?

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To Jesus…


Harry’s not the only one to have walked on water before, of course.

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But he did go one step further…

Jesus needs to step his game now.

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To Harry Potter…

Off to play a round of Quidditch or just having a little fly around the grounds of Hogwarts? Either way, Harry would fit right in in Potter’s world here.

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To Peter Pan…


Except Peter Pan if he dressed in Gucci and flew around Scotland lip-syncing to his own songs, instead of heading to Neverland.

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And, finally, a lizard excitedly pounding into the water

You can’t deny the similarities, really.

One fan had a brilliant idea of how to solve Harry’s world tour tickets selling out in seconds

Have him levitate above an island full of fans, of course.

Turns out dreams really can come true if you just put yourself out there

Catch the world tweeting their dreams every day until they happen.

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The video had some strong associations for some people…

A cheaper way to get high, at least.

While the visuals would work perfectly for Katy Perry’s ‘Firework’…

A perfect pairing.