Someone’s Mashed Up ‘Oxford Comma’ And ‘Fuck Up Some Commas’ Because It’s A Genius Idea

Hello, Tuesday afternoon. What have you got for me? “Oh, not much,” comes the casual reply. “Just possibly one of the greatest mash-ups of all time.” Don’t tease me, Tuesday. Don’t dangle that carrot stick of excitement out there like that. “Just… just… just click on this, and you’ll see.”

Prepare yourselves for a spectacular Tuesday afternoon, folks: a SoundCloud producer by the name of Demi Adejuyigbe has conjured up some magic of the musical mash-up variety by pairing Vampire Weekend and Future together to ‘Fuck Up Some Oxford Commas’. We know what you’re thinking: “FINALLY!” Well, this one’s for you, dear reader.

A beautiful concept in writing alone – a union that originated from the fact that both acts have had a successful song that contains the criminally-underused word “comma” in its title (2008’s ‘Oxford Comma’ and 2015’s “>’Fuck Up Some Commas’) – it’s made all the much better by the fact that the combination of VW and Future’s ostensibly wildly-differing musical approaches actually… works. But let’s waste no more time – judge the final result for yourself right here:


Wonderfully, this creation came about as the result of an inquisitive tweet that the mash-up master Demi picked up on last Friday:

Demi gamely considered this tweet with a “challenge: accepted” mindset, and lo, here we are, our lives significantly improved forever.

Look, if we’ve already seen Panic! At The Disco and Sisqó team up for one night only on US TV this year, then surely it’s not too much to ask of 2016 for the inevitable on-stage union of the NYC baroque-pop aficionados and Atlanta’s finest auto-tune enthusiast? Here’s hoping.


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