Gallows – After ‘Grey Britain’, Your Tour Verdict Please

Lots and lots of you are coming to the NFTU blog to get your punk/hardcore/metal fix, which is awesome, and we love you for it so you’re all deffo invited round for tea and cake. And noisy music. But before we put the kettle on, I want your verdict on this lot:

Last week I caught the Manchester date of the Gallows tour and as if they hadn’t blown me away enough in the last few years, this time they really stepped things the frig up. How good have Gallows become? Seriously, they were bloody awesome and the crowd were lapping it up as Frank pointed out: “It means a lot for five very southern cunts to get so much support in the north”.

They polarise the NME office with as many people loving them as hating them, but I pretty much want to adopt Gallows and insist they have nightly band practice in my lounge. They’ve always divided opinion but you’ve got to admit, they get people talking. I love the new album; it’s terrifying! Completely relevant modern themes mixed with Jack The Ripper-style Victorian terror. Do they pull off the fear at their gigs? Abso-fucking-lutely.

As if the mighty inked ones playing wasn’t enough, they brought two more great bands along for the ride; The Ghost Of A Thousand (big up Northwich) and one of the many wonders of New York, Every Time I Die (below). Mmmm, nutritious death.

Personally, ETID are one of those bands I never tire of. They thrash out some loud shit and mean every second of it. They’re a band’s band, a people’s band and a critic’s band. Perhaps Keith Buckley could also move in…

Loads of you must have seen this tour because tonnes of you bought ‘Grey Britain’, allowing Gallows to enter the official charts – Top 20 no less – and it’s amazing to see a British hardcore band fight it’s way past R&B shite. Good work people.

So what do you think? Are Gallows your new favourite band? Or has new album Grey Britain got you reaching for your earplugs? How do you feel the new songs translated on the live front? Who would have been your ideal support bands for this tour?

People’s Republic Of Punk, please discuss.

(Tour photos: Thomas Martin)