Find Out What Game Of Thrones Character You Are From Your Music Taste

It’s come at last. Not winter (obviously), but the Game Of Thrones season six premiere finally hit our screens last night after almost a whole year’s wait. Of course, not many of you will have stayed up, so for most there’s still a whole evening of swords, sun and sexy times awaiting you tonight.

So, you’re going to want to stay off the Internet today, because spoilers duh. From sneering mates plastering your newsfeed in plot lines to your mum accidentally letting slip someone snuffed it, Facebook and Twitter are a no-go zone until 10pm tonight. But don’t worry, you don’t need to sit on your hands all day. There’s still some must-see Thrones content that won’t leave you sobbing into your wolf furs.

For a start, there’s this excellent HBO-Spotify collaboration that tells you which character you are. The twist is that it makes its choice based entirely on what music you like. Even better, it then provides you with a playlist of tracks you might not have heard before. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a Ned Stark then expect classic rock galore. Bit of an indie kid? Say hello to Arya Stark. Emo at heart? Look no further than Joffrey Lannister, sorry, Baratheon…

Whatever your music taste you should definitely check it out here. It’s a lot more fun than having your wotsits lopped off at any rate. Those without Spotify will have to take a short survey.

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