Game Of Thrones Fans Are Arguing About The Future Of This Vulnerable Character

Spoilers below for Game of Thrones season six, episode four. If you haven’t seen it, don’t read on…

In Game Of Thrones’ most recent episode, Sansa Stark was reunited with her half-brother (or is he?) Jon Snow, and Littlefinger made his return, encouraging Little Robin Arryn to wage war against Sansa’s evil husband Ramsay Bolton. But because this is Littlefinger, fans are now worried about the fate of little Rickon Stark, the brother of Sansa who disappeared for ages and made his return a couple of weeks ago as a prisoner of Ramsay Bolton.

Hopes of a master escape plan (executed by the guy that ‘betrayed’ Rickon, Lord Umber) have diminished significantly since Rickon’s wildling pal Osha was offed in spectacularly anticlimactic fashion – pronged in the neck as she tried to seduce Ramsay. And if Rickon remains alive much longer at Winterfell, he could still face death at the hands of a number of different enemies. Here are the three big theories surrounding his fate.

1. Littlefinger will kill Rickon

Redditor Spock_42 reckons Littlefinger’s plan involves killing Ramsay Bolton, and either using Sansa as a puppet or marrying her and taking his place by her side, as Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North. Rickon would be a spanner in the works – as the only Stark boy left (Bran’s believed dead) Rickon is the first in line, and would supersede Sansa’s claim. Meanwhile, Jon Snow is likely to march south on Winterfell with Sansa and their army of wildlings, to kill Ramsay and save Rickon.

If this is all true, Littlefinger might have a reason to kill Rickon before Jon arrives at Winterfell – remember, Littlefinger’s heading there too with Robin Arryn’s army – and he could say Ramsay did it. But this probably wouldn’t be the best move for Littlefinger in the long run.

2. Ramsay will kill Rickon

Another option is that, as Jon and Sansa reach Winterfell to save Rickon, Ramsay will sadistically flay him on the walls, in front of his horrified family members, striking fear into the hearts of anyone who watches. That’d be in character for Ramsay, and there are lots of these kinds of ideas knocking about. Unfortunately, the consensus is that Rickon is going to die.

3. Littlefinger is orchestrating the Umber Plan and will save Rickon

Then there’s the optimist’s solution: that Littlefinger is behind the whole thing and Rickon is actually safe. If this is the case, he would have told the Umbers (the guys that brought Rickon to Ramsay) to turn on Ramsay as soon as the battle begins at Winterfell. And if Littlefinger gets to Winterfell before Jon and his wildling army, he might think he’s in with a chance of marrying Sansa and – rather than becoming Warden of the North – putting an indebted Rickon in that position, with the debt to be repaid later on. Only thing is, Sansa doesn’t look very happy to see him in the below trailer for episode five…

What do you reckon?