‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans Are Modifying Their Workplace Lifts With Tragic ‘Hold The Door’ Reminders

Spoiler alert: do not read on if you have not seen season six, episode five of Game of Thrones


Guys. It’s happened. The tragedy of Hodor’s death has become a universal joke, and now everyone can share it. You can pay your respects to Hodor every time you enter a lift, or wedge a door open. It’s a legitimate pop-culture phenomenon.

For those who haven’t seen the latest episode and don’t care about spoilers, the revelation of the episode was Hodor’s origin: we knew the character had suffered some kind of experience as a young man named Wylis, and from then on was only able to say the word ‘Hodor’ for the rest of his life. What was revealed was how that happened: a bit of time travel and echoes from the past imprinted the words ‘Hold The Door’ on young Wylis’ mind and showed him his death – in the snow, far from home, holding a door shut to prevent the people behind it from killing his young charge, Bran. Incidentally, Bran is the same person that caused him to turn into Hodor in the first place. It was all very sad.

Anyway, people have responded to his heroic death – he was ripped to shreds while he held the door closed – by putting his name on door stops and inside lifts. The fact that these hold doors open, rather than closed, is a bit of a slap in the face for Hodor, but anyway – check them out below:

If you’re into merch, some fans have even set up Kickstarters and Etsy listings to produce Hodor-themed door-stops, but whether Game of Thrones network HBO let that continue is another matter…