Game Of Thrones Fans Aren’t Happy With Jon Snow’s New Look

Spoiler alert: don’t read on if you haven’t seen Game of Thrones season six, episode three.

We’re six episodes into Game of Thrones, things are getting heavy, and the actor behind our resurrected hero, Jon Snow, has just shaved his beard off. He’s midway through his run of
Dr Faustus at the Duke of York’s Theatre in London, and his new look caught the attention of fans waiting outside the show a couple of nights ago (June 1). The Twitter reaction hasn’t been all that positive.

For a long time it was Harington’s hair that was the subject of Game of Thrones
speculation. The fact that he hadn’t sheared off his curly locks was a hint for fans that he would be returning for series six – after he’d received multiple stab wounds in the final episode of season five. HBO put it down to the fact that he needed to appear in the new series as a corpse, but eventually, as everyone on the internet knows, he was resurrected.

Now some fans are worried that Harington’s decision to shave off his beard means his character might not be returning for season seven, and some are even saying that he might die again. What they haven’t factored in, though, is that Game of Thrones shooting usually starts in July, so there’s still plenty of time for Kit to grow back his trademark beard. But what about the other reactions? Here’s what people are saying.

Some people hate it

Some people love it

Some say he knows nothing

Some think it’s funny

Some think it’s terribly, terribly sad

Some say it looks emo

Or vampirish

There are Dark Side comparisons

And wrestling ones too…

Some think it’s to do with all the James Bond casting speculation that’s been plaguing British actors recently

And some just don’t know what to make of it

But it’s not all bad

We advise everyone to stay calm. This is hardly a face tattoo situation.