‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans Think Robert Baratheon Cursed The Stark Family

Spoiler alert – do not read on if you have not seen season six, episode nine of Game of Thrones

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It looks like you can blame Robert Baratheon for all the Stark-based anguish that the last six seasons of Game of Thrones have brought. First the noble character favourite Ned Stark was beheaded. Then his steely wife, Catelyn, and their war-waging son, Robb, were murdered at the wedding of Catelyn’s brother, Edmure, and Walder Frey’s daughter, Roslin.


The other Stark children met different fates – Sansa taken captive in King’s Landing and then in her own home of Winterfell, before striking out on her own; Bran fled north, beyond the wall; Arya roved around the Riverlands with the Hound and later headed to Braavos. Rickon, meanwhile, looked like he would be safe in the hands of the Umbers, but was then brought to Ramsay Bolton and killed by the Bastard that was in a ploy to enrage Jon Snow.

A connection between all these Stark deaths has been spotted by fans of the show – Reddit user NANAs_Mic floated the theory a couple of days ago – and this connection comes from a scene in the first episode: the scene where Robert Baratheon comes to Winterfell. Watch it below, and you’ll notice that all the dead Starks were touched by Robert, but none of those who remain alive had any contact with him.

Many have taken this scene as an Easter egg, confirmation that the other Starks are now safe and will survive for the rest of the series

There’s also the possibility that other characters Robert touched suffered the same fate – among them Joffrey. Who’s next: Lancel? Cersei, perhaps?

What do you think? Did Robert curse the Starks?