Game Of Thrones: Five Key Hints From That Kaleidoscopic Vision Sequence

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t yet seen Game of Thrones season six, episode six, don’t read on.

In one of the less explosive episodes of season six – not a single death or scene involving nudity – our characters collectively took their breaths and prepared for their death-and-nudity quota to be doubled for upcoming episodes. And the character in the most danger at the moment is probably Bran, despite being rescued by his (probably undead) uncle, Benjen. In his vision we saw lots of jumbled up information, but if you look closely you’ll see lots of clues about upcoming episodes. Here are our top five.

1. Jaime killing the Mad King Aerys

We know this happens because it’s already happened: characters were talking about this scene back in season one. But now we know we’re going to be seeing more of it in one of Bran’s upcoming visions, and now we know Bran can have an impact on the past (RIP Hodor), it’s got some fans thinking he could have a hand in what happens to Aerys, as some fans have already speculated.

2. Wildfire in King’s Landing

Accompanying the Aerys bit, in which the mad king shouted “Burn them all” at top volume, were scenes of his favourite flammable chemical ‘Wildfire’ blazing up through the dungeons of King’s Landing. We know this didn’t happen at the time, because King’s Landing wasn’t burnt to a crisp, so there could be a Wildfire apocalypse coming up for the city. A last-ditch effort by Cersei to drive out the Faith Militant, perhaps?

3. Dragons above King’s Landing

In episode six, Danaerys resolved (again) to return to Westeros with her army of Dothraki and her dragons. This vision shows a dragon flying above King’s Landing, its shadow engulfing the rooftops, so that storyline can’t be too far away.

There’s also a very brief clip of Danaerys with her baby dragon. Will Bran have a similar connection to them?

4. The death of Lyanna Stark

The mystery of Jon Snow’s parentage remains unresolved, but if this is any clue, the news is incoming. In the below clip a young Ned Stark asks ‘Where’s my sister?’ and the next fragment shows what could be his sister Lyanna’s bloody hand, as she dies in childbirth. Jon Snow being her son is all conjecture, but it’s virtually concrete in the eyes of many GoT fans. The real conjecture is whether Lyanna gives birth to two children, rather than one.

5. White walkers, again…

What takes up most of Bran’s vision is the battle at Hardhome. This was the episode in season 5 where Jon Snow rescued the Wildlings from the undead and faced down the Night King. The fact that Bran’s seeing so much of it here doesn’t tell us much – but it could suggest that Bran’s part in the war against the White Walkers will be key.

If you want to find your own clues from the clip, check out this slow-mo version: