Watch the stars of parody show ‘Graeme of Thrones’ dissect the biggest fan theories

We got some experts on the case.

Question: how much do you love Game of Thrones? Answer: a lot – so much so that you’ve already cleared your diary for the upcoming eighth season. You probably don’t love it as much as Graeme (John-Luke Roberts), the main character in theatre show Graeme of Thrones, which runs at the Charing Cross Theatre until November 11. Graeme adores the sex and sandals epic so dearly that he vows to recreate its majesty – albeit on a tiny budget.

The hapless telly fan has enlisted the help of pals Bryony (Nicola Lamont) and Paul (Ross Spaine) to help him in his question to raise cash to transform his vision – of starring in a commercially successful GOT fan fictioninto a reality. The result is Graeme of Thrones, a gloriously chaotic whistle-stop tour through Westeros. If you’re after deliberately crap props, rickety sets and a scene in which Melisandre’s pregnancy gives way to a bizarre, impromptu rave, then you are extremely niche in your tastes and also have unwittingly stumbled on the theatre show of your dreams.

And, with the HBO behemoth about to back stampede onto our screens, we invited the minds behind the parody (in character, of course) into the NME studio to dissect some of the most compelling fan theories currently swirling around the depths of the internet. Will Jamie kill his sister Cersi? Is Bran the Night King? Could Tyrion actually be a Targaryen?

These are all the burning questions that Bryony (“a full-time professional actress and also a full-time feminist), Graeme (“the artistic mastermind behind Graeme of Thrones) and Paul (“I’m Paul”) tackle for you viewing pleasure. The real question, though, as implied by the hokey stage show’s tagline, is whether you’ll manage to see the gang in action “before the inevitable lawsuit”.

 Graeme of Thrones runs at the Charing Cross Theatre until November 11th. For tickets, head to