‘Game Of Thrones’ Has Shown Us The Mountain’s Mangled Face – Get A Better Look With These Enhanced Pictures

This post contains spoilers for Game of Thrones Season Six, Episode Ten – ‘The Winds Of Winter’. Do not read on if you haven’t seen the latest episode.

Season Six of Game of Thrones culminated with a typically shocking conclusion last night as Jon Snow’s parentage was finally explained, Arya got revenge on evil Walder Frey for the Stark clan and Cersei Lannister damn near set all of King’s Landing ablaze with the much discussed wildfire kept under the city.

One reveal we probably could have done without was the true state of Ser Gregor Clegane, aka The Mountain. If you cast your memories back to Season Five, you’ll remember that the gigantic member of the Kingsguard was last seen being experimented on by twisted ex-maester Qyburn in the depths of the Red Keep, following his nearly fatal wounds from Oberyn Martell during in their grisly battle.

Following a set of Frankenstein-style repairs and some haphazard medical practices, The Mountain has since been seen crushing heads and wreaking havoc under Cersei’s command, while keeping his true state secret by wearing his trademark helmet. From the bloodshot eyes and flaky purple skin poking through his visor, it was fair to assume that The Mountain probably wasn’t much of a looker any longer, but the Season Six finale finally gave fans a glimpse of his mangled face – and if you look at the enhanced images below, he looks a bit like a melted version of Varys now.

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His reveal was pretty hard to get a decent look at, but the folks over at PopSugar took a screengrab of the terrifying moment, lightened the image and gave us a good look at The Mountain’s ugly mug.



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Watch now: Game of Thrones with Now TV 14 day free trial

You probably didn’t look too stunning traipsing out of the Glastonbury campsite on Monday morning, but at least you didn’t look like – well, whatever that was.