Game Of Thrones: What These 13 Trailer Leftovers Tell Us About Upcoming Plotlines

Spoiler alert: don’t read on if you have not yet seen season six, episode five of Game of Thrones.

We’re halfway into Game of Thrones season six. And what a season it’s been! Jon Snow’s back, Sansa’s grown a spine, and the death toll so far includes some big recurring characters: Doran and Trystane Martell, Olly, Ser Alliser Thorne, Osha, the Three-Eyed Raven, Summer, Shaggydog and Hodor among them. That leaves five more episodes, and one dutiful fan on Reddit, Amurr25, has scoured all the trailers released so far for clues about what could be in them. Here’s 13 you should take note of:

1. Meera and Bran’s saviour

Let’s start with the most pressing issue: episode five left Bran and Meera in a horrible snowstorm, fleeing a load of White Walkers and wights. Bran is still in ‘warging’ mode, with Meera dragging him along the snow. How will they escape? If they do, how will they survive long enough to get back to the Wall? The clip below gives us a clue. It looks like one of two possibilities: Bran’s uncle Benjen Stark might come to their rescue on horseback – he’s been north of the wall for so long that everyone thinks he’s dead. Otherwise, it could be a mysterious book character called Coldhands bringing out the fire to kill the wights.

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2. Littlefinger’s meeting

Littlefinger’s already met up with Sansa in the show, and it doesn’t look like they’ll be seeing each other again. The snowy surrounds in this scene place it in the north, possibly near Winterfell, and therefore it’s possible Littlefinger is throwing his lot in with Ramsay after losing the support of the politician he’s made out of Sansa. Is he desperate enough to do that? He certainly looks wary, if not scared, in this clip:

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3. Stabbing in the shadows

This scene, which looks like King’s Landing, could be another of Bran’s history lessons: Jaime ‘Kingslayer’ Lannister committing the misdeed that earned him his reviled nickname, and stabbing the ‘Mad King’ Aerys Targaryen in the back. That’s because the stabber looks like he has Jaime’s hair and build, and the ‘stabee’ seems to be wearing a crown and some ridiculous robes. So this could be where Bran’s visions are heading next.

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4. Drogon flying above Daenerys, Daario, and the Dothraki

This scene looks like it could come in episode six. Daenerys, reunited with Daario, could be heading to the cities funding the Sons of the Harpy, to fuck shit up with her trusty dragon. Drogon appears to be obeying her commands for the first time in ages – the main evidence being that he’s not killing all the horses beneath him.

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5. The Sons of the Harpy return

Varys talked about a ‘fragile peace’ between the Sons of the Harpy and the freed slaves in the last episode, but it looks like they’re making a return to their slaughtering ways. Could it have something to do with Tyrion’s deal with the Red Woman in Meereen? Or will this response come after Daenerys attacks the other cities?

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6. Jaime versus the Faith Militant

This is in the trailer for episode six, so we already know the standoff between the Faith Militant and the Lannister/Tyrell forces is inbound immediately. What we don’t know is if they actually fight. From the trailer we also know that Margaery Tyrell is allowed to leave the Sept and complete her ‘walk of shame’ in the next episode, which might be what dissolves this contest of military force.

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7. Walder Frey toasting someone

Remember the vindictive arsehole that helped orchestrate the Red Wedding? He’s still alive and here he’s toasting someone. Thinking about it, we know he hates the Starks. He must hate the Boltons, too, after what Ramsay did to his daughter and newborn grandson (literally feeding them to the dogs, alive). So who’s still in his good books? The Lannisters and Tyrells, probably. And it looks like the Lannisters might be heading north to the Riverlands (where The Twins are) in an upcoming episode – possibly to overthrow the despotic Ramsay, or for another reason… but more on that in a bit.

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8. Brienne and Pod at Riverrun

Brienne and Pod look like they’re at Riverrun here, because you can see the Tully sigil behind them – a trout. And we know that’s where Brienne was headed: Sansa commanded her to go and meet her uncle, Brynden ‘the Blackfish’ Tully, after Littlefinger told her he’d retaken Riverrun from the Freys. Judging by the looks they’re giving here, they’re not met with what they were expecting.

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Now, back to the other reason the Lannisters might have gone to meet the Freys. If you look at the below map, you’ll see the Frey stronghold of the Twins sit north of Riverrun and south of Winterfell. It looks like the Lannisters could also be at the Twins in order to stop the Stark and Tully forces from uniting – and the way they do that is to lay siege to Riverrun.

This is a book storyline that could be finally coming to the show. In the books, Jaime heads to Riverrun to break the siege of Riverrun, which is being led by the Freys. The Blackfish had stolen it back from them, and barred himself and the Tully forces inside, resulting in a kind of stalemate. Jaime could be here to put that to an end.

9. Jaime at an encampment in the Riverlands

Another piece of evidence the Lannisters are heading to see the Freys is this scene, where Jaime is in a grassy encampment. There’s no snow here, which would suggest it’s much further south than Winterfell – so a setting in the Riverlands (where The Twins and Riverrun are) would make sense.

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10. Pod is in a headlock

If this were really important, the creators of the show probably wouldn’t have put it in the trailer. Fans on Reddit have suggested the man grabbing Pod’s throat looks like Tyrion’s old bodyguard Bronn, and it’s the kind of thing he’d do to his old friend Pod, who’s often the butt of a joke.

If that’s where Pod is here – in the Lannister encampment – this might be before the siege of Riverrun ends and Brienne and Pod make it inside. This also means Jaime and Brienne could be seeing each other again soon, but that news might alarm book readers.

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In the books, there’s a character called Lady Stoneheart who you can read more about here. Book readers think/hope Brienne’s visit to the Riverlands means she’s beginning a storyline that could end up in a long-standing character’s death. That’s all I’ll say, but you can find out more here, from the end of the section on fourth book A Feast For Crows.

11. Banners aplenty in the north

Behind Tormund here is an orange banner. One Reddit fan has pointed out a similarity to the books’ description of House Hornwood’s sigil (Hornwood is one of the Stark-loyal northern houses mentioned by Davos in the latest episode) which has a moose on an orange background.

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The below banners are harder to decipher, but those on the right look like the standing bear of the Mormont sigil. And the soldiers they’re facing? Well-equipped and shielded, and probably Boltons.

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12. Bloody hands grazing a wall

This doesn’t give much away at all. Are these Arya’s hands, after killing one of her targets? Margaery’s, midway through her ‘walk of shame’? The clothes look worn and rough, but that’s all we can say.

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13. A kiss in Volantis

This looks like a kiss shared between Yara Greyjoy and a chained slave. Book-readers have noted the face tattoo, which marks her out as someone from Volantis. Which means that’s possibly where Yara is heading – one of the cities near Meereen, where her uncle Euron wants to go.

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