‘Game Of Thrones’ – Who Will Survive Season Seven? 13 Unlucky Characters In Jeopardy

Sophie Turner, aka Sansa Stark, recently let slip that the atmosphere on the set of Game of Thrones season 7 is very different, because “We’ve got one more season… well, not all of us.” In other words, people are sad that the show’s coming to an end, but also, some characters are going to die. But who are they? Here’s 13 characters who could be in the firing line. As always, spoiler alert.

1. Jorah Mormont

Jorah has an incurable, incredibly infectious but slow-progressing disease called Greyscale. It will eventually turn him into a ‘Stone Man’ and kill him very painfully. Daenerys has sent him to find a cure, but seeing as there isn’t one, that seems like a doomed mission. Hopefully he can do some good along the way.

2. The Hound/The Mountain

We thought The Hound was dead after his season four brawl with Brienne. But no! He was alive all along, living with a kindly monk dude. The Hound has become something of a fan favourite since he made friends with Arya Stark, so it would be classic Game of Thrones to kill him off again, probably at the hands of his weird zombie brother The Mountain. Alternatively, he’ll be the one who kills The Mountain for good. Either way, Cleganebowl – the much-hyped fight between the Clegane brothers – is still an option.

3. Brienne of Tarth


Last we saw Brienne, she was rowing away from Riverrun as Jaime Lannister looked on. It looks like she could be about to embark on a plot from the book, in which (SPOILER) she meets the resurrected Catelyn Stark, Lady Stoneheart, who forces her either to kill Jaime Lannister or to be hanged. In the book we later see her leading Jaime somewhere, but we don’t really know the conclusion of the storyline. If she rebels and refuses to kill Jaime, it could be her getting killed.

4. Daario Naharis

Dany’s lover is left in Meereen to look after the city, because he’s not noble enough for her, and she needs to use marriage to form alliances when she arrives in Westeros. This is the city Euron Greyjoy is about to arrive in, so expect war, and possibly Daario-death.


5. Arya Stark

Last season’s scare (above) proved that Arya’s probably the most beloved character on the show, so this would be a horrible shock. But it’s the kind of dastardly twist they might put in the upcoming season’s penultimate episode, just to fuck with everyone. After training to be an assassin and arriving back in Westeros, Arya’s bound to stir things up even more in the next season, but that doesn’t really mean her safety is ensured in the same way that, say, Jon Snow’s or Daenerys’ is.


6. Melisandre


After sacrificing Stannis’ daughter Shireen in season five to no apparent effect, Melisandre returned to Castle Black and pretended everything was fine. Then Davos Seaworth found her out and asked Jon to kill her. Jon banished her instead, but Davos might be grief-stricken enough to hunt her down anyway.


7. Yara Greyjoy

Possibly the new queen of the Iron Islands, Yara has just allied herself with Daenerys Targaryen and is on her way back to Westeros. She’s betrayed her uncle Euron, who is bound to be angry with her. This week actor Gemma Whelan went to hospital in what fans think might be the filming of a battle sequence, suggesting Yara could be facing real danger in season seven.


8. Jaime Lannister

Jaime, Jaime, Jaime. Not nasty enough to be a real villain any more, not nice enough to be a protagonist. And if that Brienne plotline from above plays out as the books suggest it might, he could be facing death at the hands of either his former friend or the Brotherhood Without Banners. Both of them probably quite grisly.


9. Meera Reed

Meera spent most of the last season looking tired and sad. Her brother Jojen is dead; Hodor is dead; the Three Eyed Raven is dead. Benjen Stark has left them. Bran is still alive, but once they’re back on the other side of the Wall, Reed doesn’t serve much purpose (unless this slightly dodgy theory about her being Jon Snow’s sister turns out to be true) – and we all know what that means: a death scene.


10. Tormund

Tormund is Jon Snow’s right-hand man these days. Good old reliable Tormund, once an enemy, now a friend. And there’s all the proof you need: it’s thinking like that from fans that gets characters like Tormund killed.


11. Theon Greyjoy

Theon’s been through a lot, and he’s not really recovered from any of it. In the last series Yara convinced him to live life, but like his sister, he’s just betrayed his uncle Euron. That could be a fatal mistake.


12. Euron Greyjoy

The angry one whose ships got stolen. Theon’s uncle is now at odds with Daenerys Targaryen, after Yara made her promise to help defeat him. Which means he could soon be at the other end of a dragon’s fireball.


13. Ellaria Sand/The Sand Snakes

Of all the storylines in Game of Thrones, the Dorne one is the only real mess. Rushed, but still dull, and totally unlikeable: the sooner these guys are out of the picture, the better. They’re the least developed characters on the show and that’s probably for a reason.