Gang Gang Dance – First Communion (TV On The Radio mix) – Free MP3

Babysitting seems like the perfect job. You get to schlep around someone else’s house, eating all their carrot cake and putting your sticky paws on their DVDs. In reality, however, it’s quite a complicated task, often resulting in crying children and a frantic phone call to emergency services. Remixing must carry a similar burden of responsibility, and you imagine that the reinventer must have a slight feeling of trepidation as they warm the proverbial milk, and maybe slop some whiskey in the beaker to make it all go down more easily. And if we’re talking sonic whiskey, this TV On The Radio mix of First Communion is laced to the nines.

Gang Gang Dance

After David Sitek himself described their album as “enormous”, it was only a matter of time before Gang Gang Dance had their golden age with TVOTR’s remixing talents. Fresh from a dazzling gig at Primavera, and fully recovered after the loss of their entire backline in a February fire, this is the darkly glossy bonus on their new single.

With Klaxons citing them as the, “pied pipers of Never Never Land” (obviously), and Alexis Hot Chip labelling them as his “bug-out” music of choice, Gang Gang Dance are becoming highly inflluential exports, body-popping their way out of Manhattan to play festivals such as Roskilde and Fuji Rock this Summer.

Although this first offering isn’t one to put the kids to bed to, it’s the perfect choice for that ‘basement party while babysitting’ playlist.

Download the TV On The Radio remix of First Communion here

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