Gary War’s Medicated Heartbreak – Free MP3

New York’s Gary War builds homeschooled synth-punk jams that rattle along, half-obscured by the emotion spilling out of them. Using, from his new Horrible Parade EP is barely visible, shrouded in a heavy-lidded haze.

Gary War

“It was written in the deadest of this past New York winter,” he tells me.“This is one of the only fatalistic and hopeless songs I’ve ever made. It’s about longing to spend more time with the person you love more than anything else in the world, and never being able to because of the endless hustle of working multiple jobs to survive in this city.”

By his own admission the song is a total downer: “It’s about resorting to drugs to help lament the paranoid feelings of love uncontrollably rotting away.” You can explore the lighter side of this mystery man over at Pinglewood, and sample some his favourite songs from Meat Whiplash and Damian and the Criterions.

Download Gary War’s Using here

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