Get your pints in, it’s the NME Pub Quiz

If you’re anything like us (and we hope for your sakes you’re not too much like us), then you probably while away the hours filling your heads with daft, diverting and largely useless musical trivia.

But how much of that knowledge embeds itself in the ol’ grey matter, clogging up your human hard drive like an unsolicited MP3, and how much slips away into your metaphorical Trash Bin like a press release about an expanded reissue of an Olly Murs album?

Well, here’s your chance to find out. We’ve compiled this 25-question quiz based on the week’s music news, meaning if you watched The Brits, stayed glued to NME.COM this week and know your Lil Xan from your Ski Mask The Slump God, you’ll be fine.


We’ll be putting it out at pints-o’-clock every Friday, which means it’s a virtual pub quiz so… OI, WHO ARE YOU LOOKING AT – sorry, yes, so do feel free to BYOB, smoke indoors, spill on the carpet and smash up the pool table if you don’t win.

Do remember to share your score and challenge your pals (if you get a respectable one, that is).

Same time next week?

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