Get Ready For The Force Awakens: Watch All Six Star Wars Films Simultaneously Or Catch Up With A Three Minute Supercut

As the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens on December 17 looms ever closer, more and more catch-up videos have appeared online to help out those with gaps in their knowledge of the Force. These clips vary a lot, but two of them stand out. The first is actually very useful – a three-minute roundup of every salient plot point of the six films so far, with dialogue sped up to keep the pace. If you’re new to Star Wars, you might have to watch it once or twice, but it’s pretty much all you need to know.

This strangely compelling other clip is absolute madness – an audiovisual catastrophe of noise and colour. It plays all six movies side by side at once, with audio levels adjusted to the point where dialogue isn’t clear in any of them. You might think Disney would clamp down on the copyright – the video’s been up since May – but there’d be little point, really, because it’s difficult to decipher what’s going on in any of the films with all that’s going on onscreen.

Of the two, though, it’s probably the more interesting – the opening of every film is absolute chaos, and usually action dominates at least half of the films at any one time. And the longest of them all is Attack Of The Clones – the boring middle prequel with a gratuitous number of lightsabers.