Get Your Rocks Off With These Popstar Sex Toys

Rock stars are perverts. This much is true. The never-knowingly-classy hair metallers Motley Crue are pervier than most. If their tell-all, super outrageous book The Dirt: Confessions of the World’s Most Notorious Rock Band wasn’t enough to have them disowned by their mothers and girlfriends, then their status as priapic rock dogs has now been well and truly cemented by the release of their very own sex toys.

Eight different vibrators, no less. But Nikki Sixx and the gang aren’t the only rockers to make a move into the world of erotic merchandise. Here are some more bits of musical love machinery.



German metal titans once put out a serious looking selection box of cocks. Their unique spin on the dreary old dildo was that each of the phallic offerings was based upon all six of the band members’, er, members. Such a treat!


One of Motorhead’s final releases before the sad passing of total utter legend Lemmy was, oddly, a line of branded Motorhead vibrators. Lemmy – giving people pleasure right until the end. What a guy.


The Vibrators

It took until 2011 for 1970s punk heroes The Vibrators to actually release their own line of vibrators. That’s 35 years after they formed. You have to wonder what took them so long, really.


PC Music are a record label that enjoy winding people up. So much so, that when DJ/producer Sophie released his debut album last year, you could – for an inflated price – purchase a rather serious looking prostate massager alongside it.


Swedish metallers – why is it always the bloody metallers – Ghost once sold a dildo that looked like their frontman. There it is, bottom right, just next to their butt plug. It’s quite unnerving, and for some reason makes us think of The Exorcist. Pass.


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