Ghostpoet – Christmas Q&A

Ghostpoet tells us about being offered a child to adopt, his hero of 2011 and the rising price of fish.

What are your Christmas plans?
I think I’m gonna spend it in Coventry ‘cos that’s where part of my family is. Time to chill out, lounge around in my pajamas and slippers and have a festive time.

What are your highlights of 2011?
There have been so many highlights but I’d probably say playing at Scala – selling that out and playing to so many people there. That was an amazing experience; there were loads of highlights this year but that sticks out in my mind as an amazing night. That was the biggest headline show so far.

And your weirdest moment of the year?
I got asked if I could adopt a child and be their dad – that was a bit strange. I think they were being serious. I was taking it as a joke but they were dragging the joke on a little bit too long so I think they were being serious. That was in Liverpool – lovely woman, but it was a bit weird.

And any embarrassing stories this year?
Fucking up lines I guess. Fucking up a line of your own song and seeing people sing back a line of your own song better than you is a bit embarrassing.

What’s on your Christmas wishlist?
Just good food, good company, good times really.

What’s the best present you’ve ever received?
I remember receiving a pair of record decks once – that was the first musical present I received. I must have been about 12 I think so that was pretty cool.

What are your New Year’s resolutions?
Continue to make music on my own terms – a continuation of what I’ve been doing this year – and to try and get in the gym. That’s what’s sticking out in my head. Get fit; less beer. We’ll see how long that lasts…

Hero of the year?
Peter Gabriel. I really like his new album and I got to play with him on Jools Holland – he was a masterclass in showmanship. We had to do a class photo so to speak of everyone that was playing that night and I shook his hand – that’s the closest I got, but it was a pleasure to be in the same room as him.

And the villain?
Any restaurant I’ve gone into where I’ve had smaller portions than the friends I’ve been in there with. There’s been more than one.

What’s the weirdest present you’ve been given by a fan?
I get given portraits of myself in different styles – I’ve had an oil painting, pencil drawings, graphic designs style ones. Artworks – artworks of me… I’ve only got one up…

What’s made you happiest this year?
Music in general becoming more and more experimental and people taking more risks – that’s made me really happy. I’ve been listening to Metronomy a lot, Bombay Bicycle Club, Katy B…

And what’s pissed you off?
The price of fish going up. That’s all I eat and it’s costing me more every day, hopefully there’ll be a decrease in the new year…