This Gig Crowd Totally Nailed The Mannequin Challenge

Following on from the Ice Bucket Challenge, the great gold dress debate and the Tom Hanks vs Bill Murray mashup, The Mannequin Challenge is the latest trend to captivate the internet.

What’s The Mannequin Challenge you ask? Basically, the aim of the game is for large groups of people to stay still long enough to make a pretty wicked video. Here’s Adele’s fine effort, just for reference. It’s become so popular in fact, that the song that has been featured in many of the videos, ‘Black Beatles’ by Rae Sremmund, is now Number One in the US.

The more people there are, obviously, the harder it will be. But if you think that’s stopping people trying it – you are sorely mistaken. At a recent gig in Los Angeles, EDM artist Marshmello challenged the entire crowd to take part, with pretty impressive results.

Sure, there are a few movers who just can’t help a nose scratch, as well as a slight wobble from an errant hand and the security guards almost fucking the whole vibe up. But on a whole, this is not a bad effort with involves thousands of people.

Is it just a silly viral meme? Yeah, sure. But at least they’ll be able to single out who threw that errant pint from now on.