Black Friday? Pah – it’s Gilmore Girls day for these people binging the new episodes

Emotions are running high. Who is Paul?

This TV show about a privileged mother and her teenage daughter from a small town in Connecticut is back. Gilmore Girls. You might have heard of it?

The first seven series wrapped up in 2007, but streaming service Netflix breathed new life into the story of the girls from Stars Hollow when they announced they would be releasing a season of revival episodes in 2016. The fans promptly went mad. The confirmation came in January, and since then we’ve been calmly twiddling our thumbs, clutching a pop tart and a Chinese takeaway menu.

The wait is officially over. In a flurry of autumnal leaves, bobble hats and perfect hair, Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life is on the internet for you to enjoy in one evening and get angry over once you’ve binged it too fast.

And fans are losing their collective shit.


Getting ready to binge HARD.


No one is Team Paul.

But Logan’s not being a good boy either.

Emotions are running high.

Stars Hollow is looking BEAUT!


But really it’s all about this one gif: