Glastonbury 2016: Everything You Need To Know About Getting Tickets This Week

Festival season 2015 may have only just come to an end, but don’t think you can give your bank balance a rest just yet. This Thursday (October 1), the first batch of Glastonbury tickets go on sale, and with demand increasing every year, you can’t afford to be slow on the uptake.

The first lot to be released will be the ticket and coach packages, with standalone tickets released three days later on Sunday, October 4.

So, without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about how to get into the biggest and best festival in the world.

Register TONIGHT
You can’t get into Glasto by hotfooting it over the fence without a ticket anymore, and you can’t get a ticket without registering first. Registration shuts at 9am TOMORROW (September 29) so don’t waste any time. You’ll need a clear, passport-style photo to upload and you can fill in the form HERE.

Don’t worry if you’re a bit skint
Pockets still empty from summer 2015? Fear not, because the kind folk at Glasto don’t expect you to stump up all the cash in one go. You’ll need to put down a £50 deposit when buying the ticket, and then the rest will be due on the first week of April 2016. Tickets aren’t cheap – £228 for the weekend, plus £5 booking fee and the price of your coach if you’re getting the package – but it’s Glastonbury, so… worth it.

Work out where your nearest travel point is in advance
You don’t want to panic and end up booking the wrong coach or even worse having your time run out, do you? You get a 10-minute window to purchase your tickets once you’ve secured them, so do the sensible thing and work out where you need to travel from beforehand. There are 28 different coach stations across the UK that the coach packages pick up from. See a full list and work out which one suits you HERE.

Get your computer set up half hour before
Tickets go on sale at 7pm on Thursday for the coach package, and 9am on Sunday for the more in-demand standard ticket. Last year, all 135,000 tickets sold out in 25 minutes so you need to be on the website and ready to go straight away. Be patient, try not to confuse your computer with too many tabs open and refresh the page if the spinning wheel of doom has been pausing you for more than 10 minutes.

Don’t expect to know who you’re going to see
Such is the draw of Glastonbury that they don’t even have to announce a single band to sell out in minutes. Michael Eavis recently said that he’d already booked 2016 and 2017’s headliners, with two first timers and four returning acts booked across the two years. Don’t think that you’ll find out about them for a good many months yet, but the bookies’ odds are currently on Foo Fighters, Adele and Coldplay among others.

If you don’t get a ticket this week, the party isn’t over yet
Don’t get too downhearted if you don’t have any luck this time around. Tickets that haven’t been paid off in full by the April deadline go back on sale shortly after so you’ll have another crack at the whip come Spring.

>>>And most importantly, get your tickets HERE

Godspeed, future Glasto-goers, and onwards to Pilton.