This Grim Video Will Make You Think Twice About Abandoning Your Tent At Glastonbury

Glastonbury, so much to answer for. It’s now been two weeks since the annual mass exodus of roughly 175,000 people from Worthy Farm. Obviously, all that fun – and all that muck – is going to create quite a mess, yet despite scores of volunteers on tidying duty, according to The Guardian, this is the worst clean-up in the festival’s history.

A video filmed on the Monday straight after Glasto – which has now been viewed over half a million times – shows what an utter mess the site was left in. Taken by a site worker, the ‘walkabout’ clip shows hundred of tents and airbeds and possessions abandoned in the camping fields. “What they left behind showed how lazy about a quarter of them are – despite their pledge to “Leave No Trace”,” comments the person who filmed the clip. “It’s an insult to all the festival workers.”

See the grimness below for yourselves:


Last week The Bristol Post reported that a team of 500 were still clearing up the mess, wading their way through thousands of wellies, plastic bottles and other assorted bits of nonsense. The epic clean-up costs the festival £780,000.

It’s not all misery though. Representatives from around 80 charities have been on site, most collecting abandoned tents to take for refugees living in hellish conditions in encampments in Calais, France, including The Newport To Calais group, whose work you can see below. Much easier job if people pack the tents down before leaving, of course, and hand them in themselves to official donation centres.


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