Watch Glastonbury-goers Share Heartbreak Over Brexit

This morning, the people at Glastonbury festival awoke to news that the UK has decided to leave the EU, with 51.9 percent of voters choosing to exit the union.

Yesterday, as the population headed to the polls, the majority of people at the festival approached by NME declared themselves on the Remain side, and most had issued a postal vote in their absence.

Even with limited phone batteries and signals, news quickly spread. Campsites this morning were abuzz with discussion of the result and Prime Minister David Cameron’s resignation and a mood hangs over the festival like the ever-present grey clouds. Even the very first performer on the Pyramid Stage, Damon Albarn, made immediate reference to the referendum. “Reasons to be cheerful: it’s not raining,” he said. It started raining about an hour later.

We asked festival-goers what they made of the news, and whether it would impact on their weekend at the festival. Watch the video below.