Glastonbury Has Paid Tribute to Three Legends: Bowie, Lemmy And Prince

It’s been a terrible year for rock star deaths: Prince, David Bowie and Motörhead’s Lemmy have all left us, each taking piece of rock’n’roll history with them. Glastonbury 2016 has been all about commemorating them, though, and remembering the glorious music that they brought us. They are gone, but Michael Eavis determined that they will not be forgotten.

The Pyramid Stage is adorned with a Ziggy Stardust lightning bolt designed by sculptor Joe Rush, who told The Guardian: “It felt important to capture Bowie’s very particular eye, which was such a part of his look. But I also really liked the idea of Bowie looking out and watching over the whole festival. And if we are going to have an eye in the pyramid, it should be Bowie’s eye.” When Adele, Muse and Coldplay take to the stage, he’ll be watching over the enormous crowds.



And he’s not alone in keeping a watchful eye over us all. Rush has also made a roughly four-metre tall statue of Prince to adorn the Park area of the stage, ensuring we’ll all be feeling super sexy in this muddy field in Somerset.

Meanwhile, Rush has created a huge Lemmy structure for the Other Stage. Think spanners, an aluminium ace of spades and a set of ram’s horns. Glastonbury is about peace and love, but it’s pretty badass too. So, yes, it’s been a fucking awful year for the deaths of great musicians, but we’re celebrating their wonderful lives at they greatest music festival in the world.