Glastonbury’s Emily Eavis: ‘Headliners should be the best artists around – whether they’re rappers, pop stars or rock bands’

Following their win at the VO5 NME Awards 2018, we had a catch up with the Glasto queen about Theresa May, the fallow year and new plans for Worthy Farm

There’s no festival in 2018. What will you be doing on Glastonbury weekend this year?

Emily: “We will be on the farm, where it will be very peaceful!”

Are you eyeing up Liam as a potential headliner for 2019?

“We love Liam, did you see his crowd last year in the Other Stage field? Incredible. We aren’t giving anything away as to who we are looking at for next year’s festival, but we’ve booked one headliner so far…”

You have so many NME Awards – what do you do with them?

“We’ve got a few dotted around the farm, some in loos and some on shelves! I remember our first year at the NME Awards was 1994, we’ve been coming ever since – it’s definitely the best awards show.”

Are you using the fallow year to make any major changes to the site?


“Yes, there are a few site changes going on – we’re spreading out Block 9 a bit, giving them more space as they’ve got some pretty mind boggling ideas that we’re putting into action. We’ve been chatting to Arcadia about doing something quite radical in that field – they’ve come up with some inspired plans. It’s best kept under wraps, but it’s certainly raising the bar!”

Would you invite Kanye West back to headline?

“Maybe, but it’s a little bit too soon to talk about it now.”

Would you let Theresa May talk on the Main stage like Jeremy Corbyn did in 2017?


How are plans going for the 50th anniversary in 2020? More headliners booked?

“Yeah, we have two lined up and a few ideas for the Sunday teatime slot too – that’s the new fourth headline slot!”

You told us you’d be using this year to make huge changes to the Park area. How’s that going? Any other big changes in store?

“Yes, we are adding something pretty exciting next to The Park. Watch this space…”

A lot of complaints have been made by some fans about festivals turning away from bands and towards pop and hip hop. How would you respond to that?


“Headliners should be the best artists around – whether they’re rappers, pop stars or rock bands. The genre is irrelevant – it’s about who is going to produce the most exciting show and is making the best music. We always encounter debate, which is great, that’s what it’s all about. Most music fans are open minded and many discover new music by coming to festivals and getting blown away by some amazing artist that they’ve never seen before.”