Glint – Freak – Free MP3

Like Muse and/or Radiohead? Is it possible to like one and not the other? Either way if you like either you’ll probably love Glint.


Ok, so things that are great about them. Their names: Jase Blankfort, Mateus Tebaldi and Alon Leventon (that excludes bassist Dave but what band doesn’t have a Dave? My old band had a bassist Dave. Everyone’s does). The fact they come from New York but not Brooklyn. That they’re bringing big, orchestral rock with echoey wails back.

This track is out August 3rd on Rely Records. Head over to their MySpace for more. The band hit the UK for the first time tonight, playing 93 Ft East before rolling all round the country. Go welcome them with open arms. It might be their first visit but it won’t be their last.

Download Glint‘s Freak here
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