God bless the heroes at the Tide Pod social media team

Can everyone stop eating laundry detergent?

Over the past few weeks something called the Tide Pod Challenge has been cropping up the internet. If you’ve missed it, it’s basically where absolute muppets attempt to eat a Tide Pod, a US detergent which is definitely for washing your clothes and not for snacking on. In fact, it’s poisonous, deeply hazardous to health and definitely, definitely, definitely shouldn’t be eaten. The trend has gone viral with one person even vaping one.

It’s time to take a moment to celebrate the real heroes in this situation: no, not the idiots eating detergent – the Tide social media team.

As people have gone bloody bonkers with the desire to eat the definitely not for eating products, people who have done so have begun to Tweet the Tide team when they get into trouble. So somewhere, at Tide HQ, their kind, kind social media manager is left to try and help.

And they’ve been brilliant, even going as far to request those who have been eating Tide Pods give them a call when they’re feeling better.

But didn’t stop there! To try and put off other people from treating themselves to a deliciously poisonous Tide Pod, they called upon their celebrity pal Rob Gronkowski (an American footballer) to explain you shouldn’t eat Tide Pods.

God bless the Tide social media team, and their dedication to keeping people safe, even when they’re incapable of making a sensible decision.