Godlike Genius – 20 Things You Never Knew About Dave Grohl

We just declared Dave Grohl our Godlike Genius for the Shockwaves NME Awards 2011. In honour of the great man, here’s 20 things you never knew about him, in a potted video history.




1 – He’s been the best thing on any stage since 1988.

2 – He recorded some awesome tracks on the side during his time in Nirvana under the pseudonym Late!. A cult cassette album called ‘Pocketwatch’ was released, which saw every instrument on almost every track performed by Grohl.

Hear more tracks from ‘Pocketwatch’.

3 – He’s addicted to coffee, so much so it once hospitalised him.

4 – He completely disregards the “NO STAIRWAY” rule. Here’s his performance of the Led Zepellin classic (complete with Jack Black-esque vocal-guitar solo and some nifty drumming from Taylor Hawkins) on The Late Late Show With Craig Kilborne (former host of the Daily Show).

5 – He’s better at covering Elton John than Ellie Goulding.


6 – He drummed in the movie ‘Backbeat’, a 1994 production depicting the early life of The Beatles.

7 – He can kick out the jams on a kid’s kit as well as a grown-up’s.

8 – In fact he can drum along to anything, including the rumble of a motorbike engine.

9 – There was a time when he wasn’t so good at interviews.

10 – He’s been (very briefly) on The X Files

11 – He’s not afraid to masturbate on camera – or dress up as a girl and have fake sex with Jack Black – as evinced by the video for the Foo Fighters 2003 song ‘Low’ (a promo clip that was banned by MTV).


12 – The homoerotic comedy doesn’t end there either, as he got tender with Will Ferrell on Stevie Nicks and Don Henley’s ‘Leather & Lace’. ”Lovers forever, face to face…“.

13 – And his love for women’s clothes goes beyond the video for ‘Low’.

14 – He loves The Backstreet Boys.

15 – And he loves The Gruffalo.


16 – After Nirvana he very nearly joined Pearl Jam.

17 – He also played the role of Freddie Mercury ten years ago.

18 – In fact, he’s played with over 25 bands and artists, from his early days in the unknown likes of Freak Baby, Mission Impossible, Dain Bramage, Late! and Scream through to Nirvana, Foo Fighters, QOTSA, Tenacious D and Them Crooked Vultures, while working with (deep breath) Probot, Slash, NiN, The Prodigy, Juliette Lewis, Cat Power, Tony Iommi, Paul McCartney, Killing Joke, Tom Petty, Juliette Lewis, Pearl Jam and soon The Muppets. He’s even featured on the recent posthumous Michael Jackson album, ‘Michael’. Scroll through this YouTube playlist for some of his finest collaborations.

19 – Guess who provided the guitar line for David Bowie’s cover of Neil Young’s ‘I’ve Been Waiting For You’.

20 – He’s already shared the same stage as NME Awards Big Gig performer Cee Lo. In fact he’s been in the same damn band, of course.

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