Gone Is Gone: Five things you need to know about the ‘supergroup’

Featuring members of Queens Of The Stone Age, At The Drive-In and Mastodon, Gone Is Gone are the super-exciting not-a-supergroup you need in your life. Here are five things to know about them

1. You shouldn’t call them a supergroup (to their faces)

“I dislike the term,” claims Troy Sanders, bassist and co-vocalist of art-metallers Mastodon, explaining: “It sets a bar before you know who’s in the band, before you’ve heard one note.” Completing the GIG line-up are Queens Of The Stone Age guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen, At The Drive-In drummer Tony Hajjar and sound designer Mike Zarin.

2. They’re not attempting to usurp their day jobs

Gone Is Gone isn’t an attempt to step out from the looming shadows cast by better-known bandmates like QOTSA frontman Josh Homme. These are four guys stoked on the music they’re making together, unconcerned by the fact that they haven’t got time to tour or go big on promotion of their debut album ‘Echolocation’. Hajjar joined At The Drive-In in 1996 and remained with them until they disbanded in 2001. In 2012, ATDI reunited, and released new track ‘Governed By Contagions’ in December. Their newalbum ‘in·ter a·li·a’ is released on May 5.

3. Their ferocious debut was a spontaneous, happy accident


“It was all four of us in the same room hashing it out, which is my favourite way of creating,” Sanders explains. “I don’t know how to write over the internet and trade files.”

4. Their next move is a step away from reality

Mike Zarin, the group’s most enigmatic member, says “there’s a bunch of artists we’re talking to” with a view to working with on a future visual project. Sanders adds: “We want to get involved with new technologies. We’re interested in virtual reality.”

5. Either that, or they’ll disappear completely

It’s not entirely clear where Gone Is Gone are headed, or if the members’ schedules will ever align again. But if this continues, it’s guaranteed to be exciting. “I’m at the point now where anything in my life, musically or otherwise, has to mean the world to me before I’d even leave my house to do it,” says Sanders. “Doing this has changed my world for ever – I’m all-in.”