Gorillaz’ new track is a bizarre and warbling curveball… but we’re into it

They're back.

Your favourite animated band – Gorillaz are back in business. 24 hours before Donald Trump takes the office, and sets into plans to build walls in society – Gorillaz comeback track ‘Hallelujah Money’ is a fitting “lightning bolt of truth” as the world stands on the edge of a defining moment in human history.

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Aided by the intense crooning of Mercury Prize winner Benjamin Clementine, the curveball return isn’t quite as upbeat as expected, with scattered, patient electronic beats and squelches being supplemented with uplifting gospel vocals.

But how much does that matter? It’s as close as a piece of social commentary as we’re likely to get on a Gorillaz song – and sorely necessary. There’s references to walls: “”I have thought that the best way to protect our tree is by building walls” and money and power: “touch my friend, what the whole world, and whole beasts of nations desire: power.” Will humanity win out? Doesn’t even sound like they’re sure: “how will we know, when the morning comes we are still humanz, How will we know?”

Not just the band we wanted back in 2017, but turns out, the band we need.