Gorillaz tease a return to their roots with two pulsating new tracks

Gorillaz are back in business. They’ve announced a new album ‘The Now Now’, which is due at the end of June and shared a pair of tracks to go with it. Here, we break down summer bops ‘Humility’ and ‘Lake Zurich’ and what it might mean for the upcoming project.


It seems gone are the days of waiting years for a new album from this lot.‘The Now Now’ follows ‘Humanz’ with just over a year gap and they’re moving forward with a sound that that harks back to their origins. From the sugary synth opening and the classic beat formula, it’s obvious this is a callback to the sound of the band circa ‘Plastic Beach’ and ‘Demon Days’.

Probably because Damon aka 2D has put himself front and centre, again with laid-back, blissed-out vocals – ditching the hip-hop filled collaboration of their 2017’s ‘Humanz’. If it is anything like this playful, colourful and sweet tune suggests, consider this to be this summer’s biggest jam.


Words: Olayinka Aresa 

‘Lake Zurich’

Quite a different vibe from ‘Humility’, this. Aside from intermittent moments of speech indistinguishable from the retro synths towards the end of the song it is a largely instrumental track. Think what ‘Double Bass’ was to their self-titled album, and you’re getting the idea.

Instead focus is placed heavily on the disco influenced instrumentation with energetic bouts of cowbell and scattered beats – it has a sound reminiscent of funky 90’s hit Groove Is In The Heart by Deee-Lite. A future dancefloor staple? It’s as close as we’ve had from the band in recent years. Ad we’re well into it.

Words: Zaynab Abigail


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