Got Piles Of Old Vinyl Records And CDs? Try These 18 Amazingly Creative Craft Projects

Vinyl sales are continuing to grow, and that means the nation’s record collections are blooming. If you’re getting rid of scratched, unusable records – whether that’s CD or vinyl – you might want to think about ‘upcycling’ it. Here are 18 pieces of DIY inspiration – and five probably unachievable creations from proper vinyl and CD artists.

1. Bookends
What you’ll need: Vinyl, boiling water, flat-bottomed pyrex dish, block of wood
How to: Fill dish with an inch of water. Dip in vinyl, using wood block to prevent waviness, and bend to 90º angle.

2. CD Lamp
What you’ll need: CD stack, strong wire, LED strip
How to: Depending on how sturdy you want it to be, you can either screw through the CD stack, or just use strong wire alongside the LED strip you place in the centre of the stack. Loop the wire at the top and bottom to hold the stack’s shape. See how it’s done here.

3. Side table
What you’ll need: Vinyl, planter stand with 10-inch diameter top, glue gun
How to: Stick ’em together.

4. Clock
What you’ll need: Vinyl, clock mechanism, drill, battery
How to: Widen the hole in the centre of your record with the drill until it’s the same width as the clock mechanism. Then push the clock mechanism through. Bingo. You’ll need more specialist equipment to craft the specimens below.

5. Bike reflector
What you’ll need: Glue/string
How to: You can probably work this one out for yourself.

6. Driveway reflector
What you’ll need: Glue/string
How to: The obvious way.

7. Magazine holder
What you’ll need: Vinyl records as required, glue gun, flat-bottomed pyrex dish, boiling water, tongs, heat-proof gloves.
How to: Pour the boiling water in a pyrex dish. Submerge the record as far as the label. Use the tongs to bend up one end of the record, using a rolling pin to shape the curve. Repeat as necessary – then glue the top of one record to the bottom of another using gloves. Use the centre hole on the top record to hang. Via Mary’s Making.

8. Ice scraper
What you’ll need: CD
How to: Pretend it’s an ice scraper. Scrape ice.

9. Wine holder
What you’ll need: Vinyl records, boiling water, flat-bottomed pyrex dish, glue, empty wine bottle, heat-proof gloves
How to: Pour boiling water into dish, dip one side of the record until it bends up. Using gloves, curl the other side of the record up, around the cylinder of the empty wine bottle, making sure it’s not too tight. Repeat, then glue records together.

10. Cake holder
What you’ll need: 12″ record, 10″ record, 7-inch record, cake stand kit, sticky circular felt pads
How to: Build the cake stand around the records, with the largest at the bottom. Space out the felt pads on the far edges of the bottom record’s underside, to stabilise the stand. Guide here.

11. Bowl
What you’ll need: Oven, vinyl record, baking paper, bowl the shape you want your record to fit, oven gloves
How to: Preheat the oven to 100ºC. Place the bowl upside-down on the baking paper, then place the vinyl on top. Leave in the oven for 8-10 minutes. Remove from oven and now place vinyl inside the bowl. Using oven gloves, reshape the vinyl as desired before it cools.

12. Christmas decorations
What you’ll need: Wool
How to: Wrap wool around the edges of the CD until it’s completely covered. Decorate as desired.

What you’ll need: Strong glue, jam-jar lid bottle caps, buttons, ice lolly sticks, toothpicks, paint
How to: Glue the jam-jar lids to the CD, then add other metal lids in order of side, sticking the buttons inside beer-bottle caps for the owl’s eyes. Paint the toothpicks and lolly sticks for the owl’s feet, eyebrows and wings and glue behind the lid.

13. Photo frame
What you’ll need: Ingenuity
How to: This one’s actually quite complicated, but people do sell them.

14. Pen holder
What you’ll need: Oven, vinyl, tall, heat-resistant cylinder (eg vase)
How to: Remove oven racks and preheat it to 200ºC. Place the cylinder in the bottom of the oven, and put record directly over its centre for about 10 seconds, or until it starts to melt. Remove the cylinder and vinyl with oven gloves and squeeze the sides of the record towards the cylinder. Then remove the vase from the record’s centre. While the vinyl remains malleable, shape with oven gloves.

15. Coasters
What you’ll need: Oven, scissors, greaseproof paper, sandpaper, two large books, oven gloves, felt
How to: Preheat oven to 200ºC. Heat record on greaseproof paper, then remove from oven when it starts to warp. Cut around the label with scissors. Continue to heat and cut the record. If the centre is warped, place in the oven one final time and straighten it between the two books as it cools. Use sandpaper to smooth out any rough edges. Cut a circle of felt the same size as the coaster and glue onto the bottom of the coaster.

What you’ll need: Felt, paint, clear varnish.
How to: Coat the bottom of the CD with felt. Coat the top with photos or paper, then draw on your designs. Spray the finished surface with a clear varnish to prevent moisture seeping in.

16. Placemats
What you’ll need: Vinyl record
How to: Put on table.

17. Painting canvas
What you’ll need: Painting kit, vinyl records, stencils (optional)
How to: If you’ve got brush skills, go for it free-hand – otherwise use stencils to create patterns and hang the results as wall art.

18. Clothes rack dividers
What you’ll need: Hole saw, hand saw, CDs, felt (to cover)
How to: widen the CD hole’s diameter with the hole saw until it’s large enough to fit your clothes rack. Then use a hand saw to create an access cut to get the CD on the rack. Use felt, paper, or other materials to cover and mark the divider.

Finally, some inspiration – for these you’ll need ingenuity and a whole lot of time:

Christmas Tree


Art Installation

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