Grammy Nominees Highly Suspect Perform in The NME Basement

Where are you most likely to find a two-times Grammy nominee? That’s right, in the depths of the NME basement.

Blues-rock trio Highly Suspect are nominated for their blistering single ‘Lydia’, as well Mister Asylum, the 2015 album from which it is taken. The ceremony will be held in Los Angeles next week [February 15] and pits them against the likes of Muse, Florence & The Machine and Slipknot. Yet the band doesn’t appear to be intimidated by the pedigree of the competition. Frontman Jonny Stevens told NME in December: It feels fucking cool being the underdog – to be in the band nobody’s ever heard of because come February 15, they’re going to know exactly who we are.”

High Suspect formed in Cape Cod, Massachusetts in 2009, with twin brothers Rich and Ryan Myer on bass and drums respectively. Mister Asylum was recorded after the band moved to Brooklyn and sounds like Royal Blood gargling rusty nails (a good thing). The group has also toured the US with Catfish and the Bottlemen. In short, you need this band in your life, so we got ’em in the NME basement for a performance of ‘Lydia’.

Speaking in the NME interview, Stevens said of the song: “[Lydia is] my ex-girlfriend and was one of the first people I met when I moved to Brooklyn. We became domesticated and eventually realised we weren’t pursuing our own goals; we were just watching Netflix, getting high and eating chicken pot pies. It’s about the two of us walking away so we could become the people we were meant to be. I played it to her before we released it – she liked the song.” Perhaps Lydia will like the song even more now it’s a Grammy nominee, eh?

Anyway, see what the fuss is about with our raucous live session video. It’s the most rock’roll thing you’ll see all day.