Grammys 2017: The best, worst and weirdest moments from the ceremony

The 59th Grammys took place tonight (February 12) and there was plenty to talk about

Every year there’s always plenty of talking points that come out of the Grammys. This year was no different, with on-stage mishaps to in-crowd reactions. Here are the best, worst and weirdest moments of the 59th ceremony.

The best

Chance’s sass

It’s an awards ceremony tradition to usher off winners with long speeches by starting to play wrap-up music. Chance The Rapper wasn’t having any of it when he got that treatment when picking up his award for Best New Artist. “Y’all can play the music if you want, I wanna talk,” he shouted down the mic as the track tried to drown him out. G’wan Chance.

Beyoncé showing pregnancy doesn’t mean boring performances

Is there anything Bey can’t do? Tonight she made even just sitting in a chair look like the most exciting thing in the world. The number of chair-related injuries in offices across the world will probably shoot up tomorrow – don’t even try and pretend you’re not gonna give that balancing act a go for yourself.


Jay Z’s reaction to the Bee Gees tribute

A strong look of utter confusion. Maybe he was also wondering why the show’s producers had got Demi Lovato, Little Big Town, Tori Kelly and Andra Day together for the tribute performance to the Bee Gees.

Adele’s George Michael tribute

Yes, she halted the performance halfway through to start again (and swore a bit too), but that decision obviously came from a place of great love and respect for George Michael. If anything, it endeared the singer more to the room, with the likes of Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez looking on sympathetically during the standing ovation at the end. It was heartfelt, moving and very, very emotional.

And Adele’s teary ode to Beyoncé

“I can’t accept this award,” sobbed Adele as she picked up the trophy for Album Of The Year for ’25’. From that point on she had the whole room in tears and, judging by Twitter, a lot of the people watching from home too. Instead of celebrating her own achievements, the singer “Kanye-d herself” (as the internet has termed it), saying that, actually, Beyoncé had the best album and listing all of her and ‘Lemonade”s best points. Then, she broke her award in half and gave part of it to her hero. It capped a night of genuine emotion from Adele and was beautifully sincere.

Busta Rhymes calling Trump “President agent orange”


And A Tribe Called Quest breaking down a literal wall during their collaboration with Anderson .Paak. A passionate, political statement.

Bruno Mars’ Prince tribute

Who knew he could play guitar that well?! Mars’ version of ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ (and an appearance from The Time) was basically flawless – even down to the outfit – and actually kind of mind blowing.

The worst

The most awkward Carpool Karaoke ever

Who doesn’t know the words to Neil Diamond’s ‘Sweet Caroline’? John Legend, Faith Hill and Jennifer Lopez, apparently! Host James Corden gathered those stars and more together for an “impromptu” Carpool Karaoke session with the songwriter himself, but it got super awkward when no one apart from Diamond could take the lead. You could even see Legend trying to follow a prompter at one point. Ouch.

James Hetfield’s microphone not working during Gagatallica

And the whole performance, actually, which left you thinking ‘what the fuck did I just watch?’. And not in a good way. Plus, Laverne Cox totally forgot to mention Metallica in her introduction. Uh oh…

And the weird

Twenty One Pilots stripping off

As if Josh Dun’s bright yellow hair wasn’t bad enough, when Twenty One Pilots went to collect their award for Best Pop Duo/Group, they gave us all another sight for sore eyes. Yep, the duo took their trousers off and strode on stage in their underwear. Ugh.

Cee Lo Green’s outfit

The most what the fuck moment of the red carpet was when Cee-Lo Green turned up in an all gold outfit that extended to a weird gold helmet that made him look like something out of a Star Wars movie. Apparently it’s not just the singer being weird for the sake of it – it’s actually part of his new Gnarly Davidson alter ego. Hmm.

Cee Lo